Hi and welcome to our Discord server guidelines page! Apart from selling the latest and highest quality figures, AC's mission is to build a safe environment for individuals to interact and meet like-minded individuals that share the same passion for anime. Our Discord server is a step in that direction. We welcome Otakus and newcomers alike, thank your for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Here's a brief overview of our server and guidelines. The following can also be found on our discord server, a link to which can be found below:

General welcome area:
Introductions and rules (always important!)

 Join the fun!

  • Casual chats - a safe space to chat freely and discuss your favourite anime!
  • Memes - Make us laugh, post your favourite anime memes here!
  • Weekly Polls - test your knowledge and vote for your favourite option in our weekly polls! Members vote for the next poll topic!
  • Quiz night - Join us for our monthly quiz night using Kahoot! for your chance to win a special prize! See more details on ouor Discord channel.
  • Gallery - Show off your favourite figure or perhaps your whole collection!
Please treat each other with respect, we are on a mission to build a safe environment for individuals to share their passion for anime and therefore disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated.
  1. Be friendly and respectful. Hostility of any kind (incl. offensive posts & excessive cussing) will not be tolerated.
  2. Sexually explicit posts and reference to pornography of any kind (incl. posting uncensored images of your Waifu figures / collections - see below) are prohibited. 
  3. Please ensure any images uploaded on the server are PG appropriate and do not contain any NSFW content (incl. figures / collections shared in the Gallery).  
  4. Please make sure you are posting in the correct category for your respective posts.  
  5. No self promotion of any kind in any place on this server and no promotion of other Discord servers allowed.  
  6. Please don't spam messages asking for support about anything order related, please use the correct channel on our website for this (dm us if you need assistance).  
  7. Please do not post any spoiler content without a CLEAR WARNING (such as using the command "/spoiler" before posting)


Whilst our aim is also to be as inclusive as possible, if you choose to break the guidelines above as well as the general Discord Community Guidelines you will be asked to stop or be kicked from the server. If you do not respect the community we are trying to create we will be forced to ban you indefinitely.